>ESD Juneau


ESD Juneau is located conveniently in the Juneau Federal Building and at the “5-mile shop”. We are here to support the District Seventeen Staff. Which includes the District Admiral and Chief of Staff and a 24 hour manned Command Center. Our commands also consist of Sector Juneau, R21 Juneau, Station Juneau, USCGC Liberty and of course the rest of the district staff. The shop maintains a variety of assets for the District including, but not limited to: all electronics, telecomms and data. We have included a picture of the Gustavus DGPS site located in beautiful Glacier Bay this is one of the sites we maintain, The ESD Roster includes 12 Military, 1 civilian and 3 contractors. Highlights of the year include The annual Buoy Tender Roundup and various maritime exercises which include Military Readiness Exercise(MRO) and Continuity of Operations (COOP). We are considered the smartest and busiest ESD In Alaska.