>ESD Ketchikan

>In the far southeastern corner of Alaska, a technician dressed in blue, wearing a hard hat and a climbing harness, stands perched atop the mast of a US Coast Guard patrol boat. This is a Third Class Electronics Technician completing the install of a new direction finding antenna array. 300 feet away, a Second Class Information systems Technician pulls on a new installation of telephone cable to support one of the five cutters supported by Electronics Systems Support Detachment Ketchikan in Ketchikan Alaska.

ESD Ketchikan is a small unit located in Ketchikan, Alaska. Separated from ESU Kodiak, their parent command, by 2,000 miles, a small crew of 15 manages and maintains an area of responsibility that covers five Coast Guard Cutters, eight Shore Commands, seven remote communications sites, and a data communications network supporting over 400 operating personnel.

Covering a wide range of duties, ESD Ketchikan boasts an impressive list of accomplishments that are unmatched by any other Electronics Support Detachment within District 17.

A small crew of 5 Information Systems Technicians has consistently managed to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction with the fastest recorded response times within the D17 operating area. Having provided response and resolution to 1,807 documented customer requests for assistance over the last year, the IT staff at ESD Ketchikan stands by their motto of “Intrusive Support” and ensures that customer satisfaction is at the top of their professional lists. With the sheer volume of enthusiastic customer surveys, grateful e-mails, and positive phone calls, the IT Division has good reason for their high morale, quality work, and desire to serve in this high optempo work environment.

Sitting across the room is the Electronics Division. Seven highly skilled Electronics Technicians provide top notch support for locally supported units, and visiting ships. Their dedication to top quality service and support is hailed by every command in the AOR, and highly sought after by nearly every cutter in the district and from ships visiting from Districts 13 and 11. Capable of deploying to remote sites on little to no notice, these technicians ensure that navigational aids and mission critical communications stay on line providing a vital life line to our shipmates on the sea and in the air, as well as to the public in commercial and recreational aspects.

Above the impressive work completed by the crew in Ketchikan, these sailors have dedicated themselves to their community in a number of avenues.
The crew of ESD Ketchikan donates over 400 man hours annually to the Ketchikan Charter School through their Partnership in Education program, in which they mentor young children and provide good role models for the rising generation.

The crew provides volunteer assistance to the local borough through road clean ups, where the shop removed 11,400 pounds of garbage, debris, and general refuse from the roadsides and turn offs in an effort to beautify the amazing community in which they serve.

By also providing 520 annual man hours of volunteer firefighting services, participation in community programs such as City Family Days, 110 hours annually in support of local Cub Scouting Troops, and 180 hours annually in community outreach to homeless shelters and soup kitchens, the ESD Ketchikan crew stands above the rest in service to those whom they protect.

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