>ESU Kodiak Site Maintenance of Miller Field DGPS site

>ESU Kodiak has several sites to maintain on the Island of Kodiak. One of these sites is located in Chiniak next to Miller Field Airstrip from WWII. This is a DGPS site that requires routine maintenance of the antenna field. The grass tends to grow quickly in the summer time and is a bit tricky to service when wet. The field is next to a tsunami pool which is a lagoon, the ground is made up of peet moss and swamp (aka muskeg). The ET shop pulls an all hands effort on the maintenance about once a month for a week straight using a brushmower, weed eaters, chainsaws and various other hand tools to cut the growth. The brush that grows ranges from regular field grass, fire weed, wild celery, lupins, salmonberries/rasberries, alders and Sitka Spruce. Below are some pictures from this years spring clean-up.

PO Hernandez running the Brush Mower

PO Lane is returning for some chow and R&R

PO McCann is cutting the dry grass and PO Berg is moving alder trimmings

After all this we will be back in a month to do it again.