>Land of the Golden Dragon

>There is a place in the land of the Golden Dragon, where ships shrouded in mist move silently upon a glassy sea. To reach this eerie brine you must travel west from Dutch Harbor until you start to travel east.

Here you may very well find the Flying Dutchman propelled by billowed wings of white as she cuts noiselessly thru the night. Or the Queen as she swiftly carries out her duties to protect what is right.

Defense of our nation, our resources, our way of life is the task fulfilled by the crew aboard this battle-hardened ship. The anticipation for the unknown ripples thru the crew as a game of cat and mouse is played in this haunting fog.

Then as quickly as it began, stand down is piped. The royalty of the fleet points her bow once more for the harsh seas. Slowly the fog begins to clear; the murky deep begins to stir and the weary crew knows they have returned to ‘troll the waters of the west.

Gordon L. Hurd MK2