>Munro deckie from the Rockies

>Hello, I’m SN Osborn from Denver CO and have served onboard cutter Munro for almost two years now. I work with the deck department whose responsibilities include lowering and launching the small boats, launching the helicopter, standing watch on the bridge as well as being the jacks of all trades making sure of the ship’s upkeep. I have come a long way from first reporting to the ship. I knew there was going to be an adjustment period and when left becomes port and your right becomes starboard, it’s an eye opener. Sometimes the work can seem mundane but there is an underlying spirit of integrity and pride in our crew. Waking up each morning and pushing on through the day knowing that you contributed to an important mission makes you proud. I am thankful for the opportunity to have seen places like Panama, South Korea, Japan, and even our homeport of Kodiak. After growing up in Colorado for 23 years it’s a nice change. We recently visited the small village on St. Paul Island to experience what it was like. Well, it was a village for sure with a population of about 500. I picked up some snacks and soda from the store and I think the locals could tell we weren’t from there. Nevertheless it was all smiles, a once in a lifetime experience. I managed to get a tour of the Russian Orthodox Church, which is an icon on the island, as well as many other islands in the Aleutian Chain. My time is almost up on the Munro and I’m ready to leave but it was a good time!