>Munro returns from TACT

>11 May 2009

We’re back underway and the blog is too. While none of us were sad to say goodbye to TACT, there were many wistful pictures taken off the fantail as we left Hawaii behind us. The original plan was to return to Kodiak via Juneau, however, plans often change… MUNRO has been directed back to the Bering for a while. Always disappointing when returning to your family (biological, four-legged, and otherwise) was within sight, but unexpected patrols are always an occupational hazard when one’s on the best running 378 in The Fleet. What’s good about this? A chance to qualify the oodles of new people replacing the ones departing during the Spring and Summer!

Take care, and for those in Kodiak, please leave a salmon or two for us to catch (and please tell the bears that too).

LTJG Crystal Hudak
Blog Master