>Night creatures aboard ship

>I haven’t really told this story to a lot of people due to it’s stupidity on my part, but thinking about what happened a while back helps ease a tough day.
It was a couple of years ago, and I found myself up early in the morning, around 0200. Nobody was up, and it was dead quiet with the exception of the engines. I got myself a drink from the messdeck, and stood near the doorway leading to the main ship’s passageway reading the billboard. As I was reading the menu for the next day, something in my peripherals caught my attention. I looked down the dark p-way, the only light red and low. On the deck farther up forward near the wardroom was a dark shape, roughly the size of a can of soda on its side with a “tail”. My first thought was “I thought there weren’t any rats on board…” and I took a closer look. As I watched the “rat”, it darted out of my site and back again, slowly inching its way up the p-way toward me in a very erratic way. Five, ten, almost fifteen minutes went by and it was behind the AFFF machine, a small bit peeking out at me. I then thought it prudent to grab a cup and catch it. I stayed behind the wall, waiting for it to come a bit closer. It darted out of my sight and stayed there. I waited, but growing impatient, I took a few steps forward, slowly, and looked around the AFFF machine. What I saw surprised the heck out of me. The LARGEST dust bunny ever, equipped even with a tail. It was around two-thirty, and I had just spent about a half an hour watching a dust bunny come down the p-way. The funny thing is that I never felt any wind…

– ET2 Dea Lang