>Training Day with CGC Munro and 6509


Today CGC Munro and her aviation detachment from Air Station Kodiak practiced the fundamentals of ship-helo operations. The day began with Emergency Low Visibility Approaches where the Munro’s crack Air Direction Controller utilized radar to safely vector us in Instrument Meteorological Conditions to a position 1,000 yards of the starboard quarter at only 50 feet above the water. We then moved into hoisting where AMT3 Kelan Solesbee passed his check flight and advanced to the position of Hoist Qualified Basic Aircrewman. Now low on fuel, we performed a Helicopter In-Flight Refueling. This maneuver allows us to fuel from both Coast Guard cutters and Navy ships without ever having to land. Finally we practiced vertical replenishment by sling loading several hundred pounds of fenders. This requires precise coordination and flying as members of the Munro work between a pitching flight deck and hovering helicopter to attach the loads. All in all…not a bad training day.