>Update CGC Munro

>Hello again to all of our faithful fans and those who end up here accidentally. Reading our blogs I mean. We are living life underway again. This time it is a little different though. Getting underway after a month inport in Hawaii changes everyone’s mentality. This past weekend it was warm and sunny (extremely hot in the engine room) and now the weather is grey, the waves are large, and the engine room is the place to be. I am glad we are going north. North is close to family even though we aren’t going to homeport or cell phone reception areas.

Other things have changed from the last time we were underway. Afterall people have returned from school, transfer season has begun, people have left unexpectedly, and more people need to get qualified in the engine room. Since all of our fireman got qualified before Hawaii we have invited a few of the deckies down to work on their Security qualification. While we were in Hawaii quite a few people got distracted by the sun, beach, extreme activities, probably the girls, and just the opportunity to see Hawaii. Needless to say, qualifications in some areas lapsed. Fortunately with MPA back we were able to qualify 5 people in security within the first three days underway and now the next set of young seaman are learning a lot. I was talking to one of them today and he inspired me to write something.

Apparently the deckside calls us down here in the engine room the ‘darkside’. SN Archibald has learned, however, that this dark side can be the ‘light side’ of some people’s lives. Working in the engineer room and with the engineers has introduced him to a completely different side of life aboard a ship and he has not stopped learning in all the hours he has been down here. He has been constantly asking questions and has even started learning parts of the life of the 2nd class petty officer’s in engineering. If you have a desire to learn and soak up knowledge I would say that being in engineering is a great way to put that desire to use. Besides that, we appreciate our job down here and we know we are making a difference in stuff.

I just wanted to talk about something positive and let you know that life has been good here on the mighty MUNRO even though this week brought us to an unexpected port call. We will continue to do our best and repair anything that breaks so that we can do out job.

LTJG Hanna

Blog Master’s note: They also call firemen “Snipes”. I have no idea where that came from.