>Change of Command

>The change of Command Ceremony is secured and we officially have a new commanding officer. CWO Roger S. Todd relieved CWO Mathew T. Boyle. The day threw some curveballs, but we found a way to deal with the weather. The weather was high wind with gusts to 30 miles an hour. The rain was not coming down vertical, but horizontal if that is any indication of the wind. We were still out there to receive the C-130 and pilots were skilled enough to land in the adverse weather.

Upon the arrival of the official party and guests came the realization that Mr. Boyle would be leaving our station very soon to go to sunny California to serve aboard the USCGC Chase. Ironically that was his first unit in the Coast Guard when he enlisted in 1984 as a guardian. Before Port Clarence he has served on Several High Endurance Cutters, Loran Station Attu, Training Center Petaluma and USCGC Bertholf. I was warned when I arrived here last October not to ask about Attu or the Bertholf, unless I wanted to partake in a very long conversation. He has been a great Commanding Officer for the station and it has been a pleasure to serve with him. He will be missed, but we do hope he enjoys the weather in San Diego and not having to work in scullery this time around.

The official party consisted of RADM Christopher C. Colvin the District 17 Commander, CAPT Edwin B. Thiedeman and Chaplan LCDR Santo Chricchio. Among the guests were CWO Urbanawiz, CDR Navarro, CDR Thomas and of course Susan Boyle.

Mr. Todd assumed command of our station, although he appeared to be smiling more than Mr. Boyle was. Believe or not, Port Clarence was his first choice. After assuring his family and friends that he had not gone crazy, he stated that it was the opportunity of a lifetime to see scenery, wildlife, and harsh weather. Mr. Todd has previously served at five Loran Stations around the country including St. Paul. He recently completed the ACET Program at Elizabeth City State University before coming to Port Clarence. We can be sure that he is very knowledgeable about Loran. The next year here should be very promising with an experienced Loran Commanding officer and willing crew.

Congratulations to EM2 Dwight A. Stetson for receiving Sailor of the quarter. He has an outstanding work ethic and is willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done. That includes working long after liberty has been granted. I never considered working on the Sewage treatment plant at 2230. It is a well deserved award, to a very hard and dedicated worker.