>Welcome to Loran Station Port Clarence

>Welcome to Loran Station Port Clarence, our isolated mansion just south of the Arctic circle and just north of Nome, Ak. It has been a busy month with the fueling evolution, Change of Command, a visit from CEU Juneau and an unexpected wildlife sighting. Due to the diligent effort of our engineering department, the fueling evolution was executed without incident and the the auxiliary equipment is up and running. It may have been a 27 hour work marathon, but the mission was accomplished. As for the young reindeer that wandered onto the station grounds, we hope he hangs around awhile.

Next week during the Change of Command Ceremony command will be passed from ELC2 Mathew T. Boyle to ELC2 Roger S. Todd. It will be the second time that the station has had an admiral visit this year.
The CEU Juneau visit went well resulting in many issues being presented before the board for review in the immediate future and inclusion in the long term plan. As for morale, we are doing well. The summer months afford us the freedom to go outside and enjoy the surrounding area. I will keep you updated on the happenings here, until next time.

SN Watt