>Coast Guard Day

>August 4th 1790, Alexander Hamilton commissioned the first ten cutters to become the Revenue Cutter Service. After 219 years and many evolutions, the world knows the modern day Coast Guard. We still celebrate August 4th as our service’s birthday. In honor of that day it was decided to have a fun day at the station. The hard work of the morale committee and a generous cookout provided by the command cadre provided for a day of Celtic games, wiffle ball, morale boating, paintball and board games.

The main event was an intense competition of strength, the Celtic games. The first test was to carry two hundred pounds 140 feet only using your hands to carry the weight. With that much weight people still ran, some almost fell down, but held it together. I can assure you this is not as easy as it sounds. This was followed by the 25 pound plate throw. As you can see there were a variety of throwing styles. The event most dreaded and exemplified by FS3 Scott was the iron cross. It is not easy to hold 20 pound weights straight out to your side. The final event was the pebble toss. Sounds simple, throw pebbles at a bucket and the person that hits the bucket the most times wins. It was probably the hardest event. We went through three rounds to determine first and second place. They both hit the bucket once.

The points were added up and SN Miller had taken first place overall. SK2 Hunt had taken second place winning the pebble toss and there was a tie for third place. So we created a challenge for third place. Take the 200 pounds and go 70 feet, then throw the 25-pound plate for 50 feet. The last thing to do was sprint to the other side of the station and back. MK3 Rambin defeated DC1 Lacasse by only a few seconds.

The day heated up as the wiffle ball game started. With a final score of 13 to 7 Underdogs, and many innings it turned out to be a very fun game. The competition continued with the four on four game of paintball. And finally we did our country proud by defeating the Axis in Axis and Allies.

That is how we celebrated Coast Guard Day; I can only hope that other stations had as much fun.