>Inspections and Community Service


Port Clarence Bay looking Torward Teller.

A week of preparation, Inspections and Community Service. Along with the weather turning towards a winter trend made this week fairly stressful and eventful. Chain Operations Control Officer LTJR Robert Rue, came to the station for the annual Operations Inspection. Maintenance and Logistics Center performed a Health and Safety Inspection and the crew got the opportunity to participate in the Teller Career Day. It was a very pleasant trip due to the beautiful weather.

The Chain Operations Control Officer(COCO), arrived on Monday afternoon to perform their annual Operations Inspection. LTJG Robert Rue was accompanied by ET3 Cory Lovet for a week of drills and tests. The station scored an Excellent making Mr. Todd very happy. The hard work and dedication to duty of the Operations Department is evident by their performance during the inspection.

On Thursday a team of inspectors arrived from the Maintenance and Logistics Center(MLC), to perform a health and safety inspection at the station. It went pretty well.

Approaching Teller by small craft.

Teller Village.

Even at our isolated location we have the opportunity to participate in community service. The Village of Teller across the bay from us has a career day every year. They are kind enough to invite us. The bay was smooth as glass making the trip comfortable and giving us the opportunity to see the area from a different point of view. HS1 Lisa Hooper, MK3 Bryant Stephens and ET3 Mathew Cash went over as the first team; followed by ET2 Steven Massey, SN Rebecca Fuller and SN Christopher Watt. The students enjoyed learning about the Coast Guard as well as watching the movies of what we do.

ET2 Steven Massey and SN Rebecca Fuller answer students questions about the Coast Guard.

Teller Students watch a Coast Guard Video.

The weather here has begun to turn towards winter. We have windows of blue skies, but we are experiencing adverse weather more than the pleasant summer season. The winds have picked up and the storms are enduring substantially longer. The musk ox heard has moved from our small spit of land to more southern territory, in preparation of winter. It is a long time before the water freezes once again, so we hopefully have a couple more months to enjoy the great outdoors.