>Promotions, Awards and People

>The most important thing here at Port Clarence, other than maintaining the signal, are the people. The people create the social environment we strive for, and make the experience worthwhile. Speaking of people, Bryant Stephens got his crows. We said our final fairwell to ET2 Scott Pojar and welcomed ET2 Steven Massey. Additonally we welcomed six more blue noses into the realm of the Arctic Circle. In the meantime as the weather clears up, we look forward to getting to know the crew we have the opportunity to serve with.

Bryant Stephens was promoted to Petty Officer Third Class after being our FNMK since January of this year. As Chief Warrant Officer Roger Todd read the dissertation, MK1 Michael Bacher and DC1 Nathan Lacasse presented him with his first crows. ET2 Scott Pojar departed our station for the significantly warmer weather of Texas at ESD Galveston. ET2 Massey comes to us for his second isolated duty tour in Alaska, previously stationed at Loran Station Attu. Amongst being a talented musician, he is a skilled and knowledgeable ET as demonstrated by the award recieved from his last unit. Finally, six more shipmates were welcomed into the Realm of the Arctic Circle. MK1 Michael Bacher, ET2 Scott Pojar, ET1 Brock Pappe, MK2 Dale Schmoll, DC1 Nathan Lacasse and BM2 Robert Peterson succesfully completed the Blue Nose Cermony, the Arctic Circle Crossing Ceremony and are hereby Blue Noses.

In addition to the morale provided by the amenities at the station we have the interpersonal relationship aspect to benefit from. From the practical jokes, to friendly Criticism. Just don’t freeze the EPO’s mug as one our former MK3’s found out. This was recently illustrated in Chief Rahn’s disdain when he mistook sweet Potato Pie for pumpkin. Apparently it did not taste like pumpkin, just looked the part. He felt obligated to inform the station of this travesty. FS1 Chattin simply mentioned that the menu was posted on bulkhead. These relationships are an intricate part of our interaction with each other, as they are conducted with respect and courtesy for one another.

As for business, we are busy getting ready for the COCO and RAZ Inspections next week. The operations department has been diligent about training to ensure their readiness for the upcoming inspection.

Last but not least, we would like to thank Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Maas for their very generous gift of the an Ipod Nano and Itunes Gift Card, to get us through the long cold winter. This was inspired by Mrs. Maas’s understanding of the challenges of winter, when living in Ontario. In addition to boosting morale, it reminds us that we are not forgotten while at our isolated station in the arctic.