>Changing Faces, but Continuing the Legacy
FN William Sweat

Day 15 underway and the engineering department is beginning to take its new shape under the leadership of a new Engineering Officer, Main Propulsion Assistant, two new division chiefs, and countless new petty officers and non rates. Although, new to CGC Munro each person brings with them a wealth of knowledge and experience that is sure to continue the legacy of engineering excellence that Munro has become synonymous with.

The work and accomplishments of the engineering department are not the things you hear or read about in the news, but it is because of the work we do that CGC Munro is able to meet the diverse and challenging missions that have earned us a reputation as being the best. It was once said that as engineers “we run this boat”, and it’s true. Without Main Prop we would stay tied to the pier, without the electrical division we wouldn’t have power, without Aux Shop we wouldn’t have hot water or warm meals, and without the DC shop we wouldn’t have plumbing or more important Damage Control Equipment and training. All of these divisions work seamlessly together to keep CGC Munro mission capable 365 days a year. It is because of this tremendous responsibility and devotion to duty that we wake up each morning.

For me working as a Main Prop fireman brings with it new challenges and lessons each day. As an engineer it is nearly impossible to learn and retain all the information necessary to maintain Munro’s high standards. I however am very fortunate that I have an experienced chain of command and fellow shipmates that I can turn to when a question arises.

Although, so much has been accomplished in only two weeks there is so much more to learn and do. With the help of each member of the engineering department I am confident that we will continue the legacy that was inherited from past engineers, and continue it into the future.