>A day in A-Gang


A day in A-Gang

Well what can we say the days are long and tiring, it goes from working in the engine room to getting dressed out in a dry suit and being launched in the small boat in a matter of minutes. Our day normally starts by waking up at 0600 and doing boat checks, where we check all the lights and the engine to ensure that it is ready to go when the time comes. After all the checks are complete we maybe get to sit down for a quick bite to eat before it’s off to work. As A-gang we are in charge of making sure the ship has hot/cold water, steam, AC and heat, and last but not least all the fuel on board. When we get into port we’re usually the last one’s to leave due to refueling the boat which can take a very long time but we make it fun and always keep it interesting. When the announcement is made for a boarding we get dressed and make sure the boat is ready to go. As the only engineers on board FN Seminavage and FN Seastrand we make sure the boat ride goes smoothly for the boat crew and boarding team members. And then after we get back from the boarding’s it’s usually time to start burning all the ship’s trash which can take a long time and can be very messy and not very fun at all. And finally when all the trash is burned and the incinerator is cooled down its time to hit the rack just to wake up and start it all over again……………………..And we wouldn’t change a thing about our day HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

FN Seminavage and FN Seastrand