>Day Two: CANUSDIX 2009

>I arose this morning in lovely Prince Rupert and reported into Chance‚Äôs Casino for Day Two of CANUSDIX 2009. After a full meal of pancakes, I was well prepared to deal with the demanding day ahead. The Incident Command Post, known as the ICP, was buzzing with activity. Our day kicked off with the initial incident briefing, reporting a simulated oil spill in Grenville Channel. As the Incident Command System kicked into high gear, the Operations, Logistics, Finance, and Planning Staff, consisting of both Canadian and U.S. personnel, began planning the best course of action. While busy in the ICP the crew of the CGC Anthony Petit digilently prepared for tomorrow’s simulated skimming operations (See Left).

In the Public Information Unit, I was kept busy writing a press release, drafting a Public Affairs Plan, and conducting a simulated press brief with students from a local Canadian college. The day went by quickly as everyone prepared for the Field Training Exercise in which oil spill response equipment from both Canadian and U.S. agencies will be deployed. Our day concluded with the Operations Briefing and excitement in the air, as everyone anxiously looks forward to getting underway and deploying equipment in the morning. (To Right: Incident Command Briefing)

Very Respectfully,
LTJG Andrea Manuel