>This morning I woke up at 0515 to stand watch at 0545. I relieved my watch 15 minutes early since he had been up all night; 15 minutes more sleep for him means a happier shop. Then I did boat checks this morning the weather was nice and the seas were mild, it was pretty cold outside (though I hear it gets much colder). After breakfast I had a little time to write an e-mail to my wife then we went to Flight quarters. Flight quarters was before the normal workday to ensure it was still dark when we launched the helicopter. In the midmorning we got into more “rough” seas, so the ship is rocking a bit more. Well, it’s Noon, lunch is almost over and I just did the accountability report to my supervisor (that is a check just to make sure nobody in the shop fell overboard). I think I saw a TAD person hurrying to the head to do some “praying” to the porcelain god. I guess Seafood Friday and the rolling ship doesn’t sit well with some. This afternoon there is Pyro training on the flight deck. Right now I’ve got people tracing cables and making drawings of our equipment. 1435 and the ships having a gun shoot. Workday is almost over and cleanups have started, and it’s my turn to go clean the berthing area and open the cleaning gear locker.

ET1 Daniel Hill