>Munro underway again…

>18 September 2009
Day 15

It’s incredible how fast a Kodiak summer goes by… and before you know it, it’s time for one last salmon and to pack the sea bag once again. Saying goodbye is always so sad, but there’s an element of excitement on the bridge as we set special sea detail for the first time in months, get back to helo ops and boardings, and feel like we’re actually sailors again. We’ve been underway two weeks now, and for many of us comfortable with the ship’s routine, it feels like months. Many new faces – in one case, a complete chain of command swapped out – and everyone is adapting to MUNRO’s pace as well as incorporating successful items from their last unit. It feels good to be out here!

So the blog is back by popular demand, and we’ve got a new cast of writers to entertain and amaze with stories of life aboard MUNRO. To those who are anxiously counting down days until the ship returns – thank you for the support!

– LTJG Crystal Hudak
Public Affairs Officer