>North (east) to Alaska!


SYC is currently underway in the North Pacific. While we’ve enjoyed both of our port calls in Yokosuka, Japan and our time in Vladivostok, Russia, we’ve spent 34 days away from our families and I am speaking for the whole crew when I say we can’t wait to get home.

Our second trip to Yokosuka put us in the Tokyo area during the fall Grand Sumo Tournament, which consists of dozens of sumo wrestling matches between 8 o’clock in the morning and 6 o’clock in the evening. It was interesting to see how similarly the tournament was run as compared to western sporting events. English speakers were offered headsets with a translation of all of the announcements made during the tournament, including the names and statistics of each of the wrestlers, as well as which sumo wrestling moves were being used during each of the matches.

One of the bouts at the fall Grand Sumo Tournament in Tokyo.

This past Saturday, SYC’s deck department put together a wonderful Italian dinner for the crew. They served running rust and buoy critters with… well, they actually put together a wonderful spaghetti dinner and ensured there were Halloween decorations on the mess deck, and in the chief’s mess and wardroom, getting everyone excited about Haunted Ship next month. Cordova better be ready, our morale president, DC1 Beshears and the rest of the morale committee have already put a lot of thought into the Haunted Ship!

BM1 Hutchin, BM2 Shapleigh, and SN Dumais serve dinner during deck department’s turn at cooking.

On Tuesday, the last of SYCAMORE’s pollywogs were inducted into the Order of the Golden Dragon during an early morning ceremony. For anyone familiar with the ceremony, BM3 Juel and BM3 Murphy went through it on their own, without the support of any other wogs. After having some difficulty with the hokey pokey, they completed the rest of the tasks and are now full fledged Golden Dragons.

The Queen (FS3 Patterson), King Neptune (LCDR Houck), and Davy Jones (BM2 Robshaw) during the indoctrination of SYC’s two newest Golden Dragons.

As we make our way back towards Alaska, we are enjoying the company of the dolphins that come to play in our wake, and the occasional whale that turns up to check out the big black thing making its way through the water.

Next stop… BUOYS!