>SYC Crosses the International Dateline


This past Sunday morning, while everyone in the western hemisphere was enjoying their Saturday afternoons, SYCAMORE’s Honorable Golden Dragons indoctrinated about 30 polywogs into their mystical realm. Luckily for the former pollywogs (myself included), Sunday was the first day SYC has seen flat seas since leaving Cordova over a week ago.

Honorable Golden Dragon Tschirgi leads SYC’s former Wogs in pre-ceremony exercises.
Our out-of-hemisphere trip has been pretty exciting thus far. SYC’s crew has enjoyed a poker tournament, an X-box Madden tournament, Name-That-Tune, and a host of other activities. We have also tried to enjoy the occasional 20 to 30 foot seas that seem to keep finding us as we make our way across the northern Pacific. Our biggest recorded roll this trip was 47 degrees, but there were a couple rolls in there where we were more concerned with holding on to whatever we could grab than checking the inclinometer.

The beginning of the epic poker tournament (the winning hand was a four of a kind played by ENS Ashley Lerner, two and a half hours after the game started). The prize for winning was a Nerf basketball game.

In hopes of providing the cooks with a much needed break from the heavy weather cooking, we’ve also had two pizza-and-wing nights. Operations department kicked off the pizza nights with a variety of unique and interesting pizzas which the entire crew enjoyed. SYC’s former wogs served pizza for the Golden Dragons the evening before the indoctrination ceremony.

This trip we’ve had the pleasure of seeing our shipmate, MK1 Cornelison, pin on his new first class crows, and had a number of people qualify in many of the different positions onboard, we haven’t even gotten to our first port call and we’ve already achieved so much!

After about 11 days underway we’re all looking forward to our upcoming port calls and can’t wait to share our stories with you in upcoming blogs.

SYCAMORE taking some spray over the bow.