>SYCAMORE visits Yokosuka


Who would have thought the SYC would cross the entire Pacific Ocean only to moor in front of a fellow Coast Guard cutter in Japan?

After a busy morning pulling into Tokyo harbor, SYCAMORE came around the bend into the Navy’s base in Yokosuka, Japan and saw a very welcoming sight. The CGC RUSH’s bright white hull was clearly visible against the grey of the Navy’s 7th fleet, which calls Yokosuka home.

The crew enjoyed a three day port call exploring Japan. Many crewmembers took off to Tokyo, others to the neighboring cities like Yokohama. Sitting on the mess deck prior to getting underway last Saturday, I heard stories of people eating whale steaks, visiting temples, and going shopping for electronics in the famous Akihabra.

While in port, our cooks loaded delicious Japanese food for our next big adventure, our engineers filled SYC’s tanks with fuel, and our ETs worked to repair some damaged bridge equipment.

SYCAMORE’s deck department also had BM3 Juel and BM3 Murphy report aboard, while we also welcomed DC1 Beshears back from his leave with his wife and new baby boy, Carson.

We are currently underway en route our new destination, and have very limited internet connectivity. For now, we are unable to send or receive emails. We are keeping busy working on our cutter’s appearance, sanding, priming, painting, and cleaning in preparation for a reception we will be having onboard. BM2 Siegel also took the time to open his buoy-deck-barber-shop so we can work on our personal appearances for the reception.

Last Sunday, however, we did take a quick break from all of our hard work for steel beach and a swim call in the warm Pacific Ocean. Deck department set up a rope swing which brought about half of the crew out to enjoy the beautiful weather. Following the swim call there was a skeet shoot held on the buoy deck (thanks to ET1 O’Brien and his skeet thrower) where a number of SYC’s crew shot skeet for the first time.

YN2 Loyd, MK3 Cook, and DC1 Beshears enjoy steel beach before the swim call.

SYCAMORE’s skeet shooters watch as EM3 Giacalone kicks off the morale skeet shoot.

ET1 O’Brien visits BM2 Siegel’s barber shop.