>A Visit From the Alex Haley


The isolation of the unit was broken by a visit of CGC Alex Haley and surprise HH-65 rides for the crew. The suspense started the day before when rumors of a surprise from Mr. Todd circulated around the station. It was announced at quarters the next day; and as you can imagine, we scanned Port Clarence Bay anticipating the Alex Haley’s arrival with a familiar orange helicopter on her flight deck. Commander Jones, CO of the Haley, and half the flight crew from the HH-65 came to the station for refreshments and a tour, while the helo gave our personnel generous tours of the peninsula.

The aerial view provides a very different perspective of the area. The spit is deceivingly straight from the ground, with its long arc and diverse width hidden from view. The pastel image created by the water and vegetation can only be seen from the air. After the last of the crew finished their ride, the flight crew secured the helicopter and joined us at the station. After a short tour, they departed for the Alex Haley to continue their patrol.
Sadly this will be my last log for the unit. I depart this Friday and look back on a sea of memories from the last year. I got the opportunity to see a majestic part of the world, meet some incredible people, and learn about myself in the process. It may not have been the most traditional station to begin my career, but it has shown me that Honor, Respect and Devotion to Duty is what it will take to succeed.

Sn Watt Out