>Chasing the Crab Fleet

>Well we finally pulled out of Dutch just when we never thought we would.
OPSEC is up and they know we’re out for them, we’ve seen a lot of crab pots in the water and a lot of boats crabbing. It’s almost time for boarding’s and I know the boarding teams are anxious to jump over the rail, possibly board one of the Deadliest Catch boats. In the evening hours everyone jumps on the LAN line and plays computer games, in which a bunch of grown men sound like little kids screaming at each other. Yesterday we had a vice and upper half admiral get flown in on the helo to talk to us for concerns and feedback. The patrol is counting down and people are already talking about what were going to do when we get back. I think I’m going to get some cable and internet since my wife is coming out! That’s about it from the Mighty Munro, I will report everything I endure within a week.

GM3 Cummings out……….