>Daily routine…

>I got up just after reveille this morning, then went for some breakfast. I had some hash browns and some eggs to order. I was happy to see that they had some yogurt, so I had a cup of that too. At 0800 we have morning muster where my EMO gets updates on equipment status and my Chief reviews our work list. We set flight con and sent the helo out, we have special equipment that needs to be energized when flight con is piped so I made sure it was turned on. After flight con I secured our radar and found a minor problem, and added that to my work list. During lunch a couple of guys and I played video games in the lounge. That’s a nice break in the day. At 1230 we had quarters where the entire crew meets in the helo hangar. We were asked by the XO what rumors we’ve heard and then told us what our plans for the next few days were. Now it’s a little into the afternoon and I just spent some time with my chief discussing the odd jobs he wants to see done in our next port call. I’ll be finishing up a few qualifications later today and then heading to bed because I have the 0000-0600 watch tonight. Not much else to talk about. Take care.

ET1 Daniel Hill