>Electronics…aren’t they delightful?

>Last night we fixed our radar, but this morning I sent someone up to test the UPS on the same equipment and there was a major problem. The radar wouldn’t even warm up the magnetrons. I knew that we’d need that radar as a primary means of navigation in the afternoon. So we pulled it apart and looked for a loose connection, one we possibly touched while troubleshooting the day earlier. We didn’t find any loose connections, but after we put it back together, the monitor decided to go haywire. Sometimes I don’t like Murphy and his laws. Then all E5 and below went to load stores… The EMO and myself managed to get the monitor working. Lunch was soon after the loading of stores, but the radar was a high priority so I rotated lunches and we worked through the lunch break. It took longer that I’d like to admit, but we did figure out what the problem was. There was a switch on the door to the equipment that was broken. We fixed that and the radar came up just in time for me to get word that we didn’t need the radar today. *sigh* Oh well. We had a field day soon after that and all the First classes were piped to the lounge for a meeting. The Ships Chief of the Boat (COB) called us down to discuss the new duty section proposal. I’m not going to say much except that I think a lot of people will be happy at the tentative duty rotation, including dependants. Well, this was the first day in a while I got to let my guys go on liberty when liberty was piped. I hope I can do that more in the future.

ET1 Daniel Hill