>Just another day…

>Well, yesterday I was officially qualified as a duty ET so that’s all good. We also held a board for one of my ET3’s. It was her first ever board and she was quite nervous. My mind was moreover focused on getting the basics down, but some of the other people on my board were asking frequencies and channel settings to try to trip her up. I may have been soft on her because I hadn’t had sleep the night before and may have passed out for a few brief seconds during the board. The EMO and Chief told me to go to bed after it. Today, however, went quite well. With the new watch stander in our rotation, we just stand one 6hr watch a day verse the dogged out 6hr watches we were standing. It’s not an amazing change, but the little relief is nice. We flew onboard a guy from the “Deadliest Catch” crew this evening. I hear he’s pretty sick, and it’s not exactly calm out here. I wonder if this is his first time afloat. I’m curious so see what and how much of the ship and crew end up getting broadcast on the show. Either way, it seems cool to think we could end up on TV. We had a main space fire drill today. I was on the bridge fixing the radar again when I heard the engine room initiate the drill. So I went down to my station in the ET shop for the drill, and while I was on the sound powered phone (SPP) my chief wouldn’t stop bugging me about work. I did as much as I could do, but I was whipped by 1600. So now I plan on watching some random movie in the lounge and go to bed.

ET1 Daniel Hill