>Patrol end…for now

>Well… Time has been magically slowing down lately and last stretch of patrol seems longer that the bulk of it. Soon it will be the backwards glance over my shoulder as I depart the Bridge after my last watch, setting special sea detail for the last time, and searching for that special person in the midst of family members on the pier. Soon we’ll shut down the engines, turn off all the bridge equipment, and MUNRO will become a floating, funny shaped office building. As an inport OOD, I’ll wander to the Bridge late at night and instead of greeting my shipmates and staring out at the stars, I’ll be greeted with silence and dark screens. And as I leave the Bridge, I’ll give another backwards glance and smile at all the great memories and good conversations I’ve stored up after years of watch onboard MUNRO – and wait for the day until it all starts over again.

Until then,

LTJG Crystal Hudak, Out!