>Preparing for Winter

>The work in preparation for winter has slowly secured, at least all that we have the time to do. It has been a long and busy run of constant work since Mr. Todd took command. Now we finally have some time to reflect on what we have done in last couple months.

Every department was busy and did a superb job in getting the job done. The Engineers were busy getting ready for winter filling the fuel and potable water tanks for the year, repairing the snow fence, patching the road, and filling the landfill as much as possible before it closes. If that was not busy enough, the MLC came for the RAS inspection and there were several equipment causalities.

Sn Fuller sneaks back to the truck at the end of the work day.
Sn Watt and Fn Masters Repair a Snowfence.

The Operations department diligently prepared for the annual COCO Inspection while dealing with the typical challenges of a Loran-C Station in the middle of nowhere. And last but not least, the Administrative department performed full parts and property inventories and the year-end budget close-out.

ET1 Pappe and ET2 Massey work on the base of the tower.

The crew completed the work just in time to see summer slip away. The sun rises later in the morning and sets earlier every night. Temperatures hovering at freezing allow for the first snowfall of the year – not sticking to the ground for long, but it has coated the mountains with a glimpse our very near future.

The sun rises over the tundra at 0830.

As the scenery turns to the familiar look of my arrival I find myself reflecting on the last year with mixed emotions. It has been a great run and the opportunity of a lifetime. The crew has changed like the weather, but all have done their part to make my experience memorable. I will never forget Port Clarence, but I will soon be under the sunny skies of California at Air Station San Francisco.