>Running into celebrities in Dutch…

>Today was just like a Holiday routine today, so everyone stayed up late last night and slept in. I had duty last night so I woke up at about 0630 to pass over my watch to my relief. After passing my watch over I had breakfast. I had fresh pineapple and yogurt. I decided that it was a good time to work on my advanced DCPQS drawings, so I worked on those until lunch. I tasked people as I saw them wake up throughout the morning. We had some parts show up and I needed them installed, so I had my guys working before most of the ship was. The Northwestern (Editor’s note: One of the Deadliest Catch boats. King Crab Season starts Oct 15 at 1200, so the fishing boats are heading out to their spots). Some of my guys said that they saw the camera crew and think they may end up on the show (At an unnoticeable distance of course). After dinner I helped my ET2 do a CASREP for a piece of equipment I supervise. Not much else happened except that the other ET1 put out some brownies his wife made. Mmmm, they were so good. Oh yea, they canceled flight quarters too… Later.

ET1 Daniel Hill