>Taking aim at life aboard Munro

>My name is GM3 Cummings from NJ. Cutter life is different as this being my first one, trying to get your sea legs and just trying to adapt to the changes period. My job aboard Munro is Gunners Mate, which includes PMS or maintenance on all weapons and weapon systems, gun shoots, and training of personnel. Sometimes it’s a demanding job but then its rewarding when you get a gun shoot where you get that big goofy grin on your face when your firing that .50 cal or 25mm, and then you think to yourself it was all worth it. Training the gun crew is a sight to see, making them simulate firing screaming “Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang”, 5 round bursts. Its kind of hilarious for me but whatever helps them learn is what’s most important. We had our morale days here and there, first fish call I caught my first halibut in which I was pretty happy about that. Next, we had bingo night where I won a libbo pass which basically is a free day off back in port, extremely happy about that. Some days it’s a mental thing, recently getting married then having to come back to the boat and out to the Bering Sea right away. Then knowing I have someone who backs me in whatever iam doing makes it easier. I never thought I would miss Kodiak this much, I guess anything is possible.
From Cutter Munro

GM3 Cummings out…