>Enlisted Person of the Quarter


Seaman Utton is a strong leader at Station Juneau. He continuously seeks out more responsibility. As an E3 he has qualified as a 47’ Motor Life Boat engineer and is currently working on his coxswain qualification. He was relied heavily upon to complete a majority of the PMS during the recent transfer season. Through his dedication to the Coast Guard and eagerness to always better himself Utton volunteered for a special mission to Nome, Alaska. His duties included acting as the duty driver for the Commandant and District Admiral, a certified boarding team member and boat crew member. He utilized his certification as a response boat crewman to complete multiple U/W missions to access the necessity and feasibility for a Coast Guard unit in the most northern and secluded parts of Alaska. As one of the most junior people in Nome, Utton completed more than 20 hours underway, routine maintenance, and played a vital role in a major casualty. Utton volunteered for a community outreach program in Nome where the Coast Guard helped the city of Nome and its residents in the construction of multiple boats.

BRAVO ZULU Seaman Utton.