>USCGC MAPLE Returns Home After Outstanding Performance at Training Evaluation

>On October 13th the USCGC MAPLE returned to homeport from Tailored Ship’s Training Availability (TSTA) at Naval Station Everett in Washington. TSTA is a demanding three week training and evaluation period that assesses the crew’s ability to respond to various casualties and the onboard training team’s ability to train the crew in proper response actions.

The week before TSTA, twenty seven crewmembers attended a rigorous damage control and firefighting school at the National Readiness Training Center in Bremerton, Washington. For three days, trainees were placed in realistic scenarios where they responded to severe flooding and out-of-control fires. This training helped prepare the crew for the three week casualty-response evaluation period they were about to endure.

The MAPLE hit the ground running upon their arrival in Everett, Washington, shocking the evaluation team with an unheard of zero discrepancies in the pre-evaluation assessment. The MAPLE crewmembers continued to shine as they handled each drill with skill and composure. The three-week evaluation period tested the crew’s ability to respond to fire, flooding, man overboard, loss of navigation equipment, medical, and other damage control casualties. They were also tested on towing evolutions, mooring evolutions, and anchoring evolutions. The MAPLE had a successful finish in all the drills, averaging a score of 96.7% and earning the privilege to wear the Battle E ribbon.

Lieutenant Commander Daniel W. Gray, Commanding Officer of USCGC MAPLE, said that “we are now a stronger ship for having participated in TSTA. When we’re out at sea; it’s just us. I’m confident we’re prepared to combat damage successfully and handle any emergency with proficiency.”

The USCGC MAPLE should be proud of their accomplishments over the past several weeks. They were constantly tested mentally and physically, but focused on their training and worked together as a team. They grew stronger as a crew and stronger as a unit, thus creating a stronger Coast Guard.