>A Few Words for CGC ANACAPA from Sector Juneau

>Just returned from a great visit with a very happy and eager crew aboard ANACAPA! With almost total turnover since the summer, they are working closely as a team, entrenched in readying for sea after months and months in the yards. The veterans are leading their shipmates to a successful transition.

Personally, I was totally surprised to learn just how much is involved in the MEP process – EVERYTHING comes off that boat! That means that it all has to be returned to its original spot, and then be fitted, cabled, and wired perfectly. Quite a feat when done right….

Sector Juneau is proud how well ANACAPA has come together to make it all happen, and we all can’t wait to see her back in Petersburg. We’re also envious of the voyage to get here! Fair winds….

Captain Melissa Bert
Commander, Coast Guard Sector Juneau
“Coastal Guardians of the Inside Passage”

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