>Good To Be Home


Last time we checked in, MAPLE had just left Juneau enroute a two and a half week ATON patrol. Now that the patrol is over, it was just as busy as we thought it would be. Despite the hard work and long days, there were some highlights that made this trip a memorable one…

The Command was able to pull some strings and schedule an overnight port call in Pelican, Alaska. MAPLE crewmembers toasted with Pelican locals, a parrot named “Buddy”, and the legendary Rose herself at the “world-famous” Rose’s Bar and Grille. With our CO and XO behind the bar, BM3 Adam Sterry and the rest of the crew left their mark on the tiny Alaskan town.

After getting underway again, the crew participated in a morale Scavenger Hunt. The Hunt unveiled the rather interesting musical talents of ET2 Eric Safrit, EM3 Nate Villagomez, and BM3 Sean Towey and the artistic abilities of BM1 Joe Luce. Although the talented trio of Safrit, Villagomez, and Towey came out on top, each group was creative and laughs were had by all.

Over the course of the two week trip, the MAPLE worked five buoys and 14 shore aids. This being our last trip before the Holiday Season, motivation was high. The crew even worked shore aids and a buoy simuntaneously in attempts to begin the transit to Sitka a day early! They were successful, and Sitka here we come!