>Training Up and Wetting Down


The CGC MAPLE moored in Juneau on November 30 and the crew enjoyed a fine balance of work and play on their visit. Although they had to attend training at the beginning of the week, the crew had the last few days off to experience all that Juneau has to offer.

BM1 Aaron Jenkins, BM1 Joe Luce, and BM2 Mike Jenkins enjoyed the sunshine and trekked the beautiful Mendenhall Glacier. Several extreme sport enthusiasts took advantage of the snowy hills and strapped on their snowboards. LTJG Hunter, HS1 Deb West, FS2 Brittany Smith, SN Tyler Bunker, MK3 Lenny Gladu, and BM2 Mike Klosterman “shredded the face” of the Juneau mountains on their snowboards while several others bought sleds from WalMart and enjoyed a less dangerous version of sliding down hills.

When the sun wasn’t shining, MAPLE members spent their time indoors and visited the Alaskan Brewery and put a dent in their holiday shopping.

On Monday December 1, Joan Hunter was promoted from ENS to LTJG and Jack Fielden pinned on his crows and became an MK3. On Wednesday, LTJG Hunter celebrated her promotion at the rustic, old-fashioned Alaskan Bar. The festivities proved to be quite the success as the new LTJG stretched her pay raise to cover several hours of open bar for her shipmates.

The visit to Juneau was a good break for the crew as the MAPLE got underway on December 5 for a demanding ATON patrol.