>ATON, ATON, and more ATON


CGC MAPLE spent half of January working ATON and conducting LE boardings. Between a productive five day trip at the beginning of the month and a ten day trip at the end, MAPLE worked 15 floating aids, three shore aids, and conducted five law enforcement boardings.

The crew also welcomed five new shipmates to MAPLE this month. SN Andrew Ready from Massachusetts, SN Eric Townsend from Illinois, FN Trevor Simankski from fist-pumpin’ New Jersey, FN Matt Pistella from Florida, and FN Vincent Guerra from California. The five newcomers are the beginning of a tidal wave of new arrivals set to report this transfer season. 33 members of the current crew will be departing to new units this summer.

Due to the long and demanding patrol, the crew of MAPLE deserved a morale day to let off some steam and have some fun. While at anchor, the members of Deck Force were able to go ashore for beach-combing and hiking. Other members of the crew gathered on the buoy deck to watch the newcomers conduct their survival swim and a few other MAPLE mates go for a little dip in the icy Alaskan water. ENS Mary Bitzer, MK2 Brad LeMasters, MK3 Jack Fielden, and MK3 Lenny Gladu took the plunge into the 36 degree water. Although it wasn’t quite freezing temperature, it was still a “breathtaking” experience, to say the least.

MAPLE returns to Sitka on Thursday, January 28th for their final two weeks in homeport before drydock. The crew works to tie up loose ends and make preparations before departing for a three month drydock period in Bellingham, Washington.