>PORT OF VALDEZ, Alaska – Recently, Customs and Border Protection and the U.S. Coast Guard boarded the tanker Alaskan Legend of the Alaskan Tanker Company.

Officer David Kueber, Port Director for Customs and Border Protection (CBP) in Valdez, conducted the boarding in conjunction with Coast Guard Chief Petty Officer Todd Taylor of the Marine Safety Unit.

Today’s boarding of the tanker Alaskan Legend is the result of the combined efforts of DHS partners to bolster interoperations. This summer, U.S. Customs and Border Protection moved into the Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit (MSU) building in Valdez to improve management and communications of the agencies’ overlapping mission areas. “The boarding was a great opportunity for cross training between our services and more of the same is expected in the future” remarked Chief Taylor.

The collocation of CBP with the Coast Guard affords increased opportunities for joint training, information, and resource sharing. Intelligence and sensitive information is passed between the partners almost instantaneously, allowing the agencies to act more quickly and decisively to keep the Port of Valdez safe. Ultimately, the closer cooperation of the two agencies under the Department of Homeland Security better serves the public.