>Here we go!

>Hello from the Bering Sea from everyone’s favorite Public Affairs Officer! A posting from the blog mistress means – you guessed it! – MUNRO is out to sea again. The first few days are always a bit slow as crew members undo their land lubberness (and a few get sea sick, like this girl) and harden into their former salty selves. The best part is watching everyone kick the rust off their underway qualifications, and within three days it feels routine again. As for me, I’m excited to be back to starry midwatches but the weather hasn’t been cooperating. The most exciting part so far are the bridge heaters the EO has installed! He told me while inport that, thanks to his heaters, I’d never be cold on watch and I didn’t believe him. Well friends, it’s true – I’m only wearing four layers of clothes instead of five! I’m eternally thankful to the EO for the fact I can still feel my feet after four hours of watch. A warm Officer of the Deck makes for a happier Officer of the Deck, and I’m sure the rest of the ship appreciates it!

I’m thrilled to be back to writing about how myself and 160 of my closest friends survive in this floating RV!

Take care!

– LTJG Crystal Hudak
Public Affairs Officer