> “Mayday, Sector Anchorage.” The watchstander and I looked at eachother, was this real? The voice sounded so calm. The watchstander, MK3 Hernandez, immediately signaled to get the OOD in case this was going to be a response within our AOR. Upon response from Sector Anchorage, the boat hails back they are taking on water in Sawmill Bay. SCORE! THAT’S US!!! OOD BM2 Vulysteke, MK2 Messick, BM3 Johnson and SN Goodwin immediately dress out, while MK2 Tauscher ensured the truck was started and ready with a P6 pump in the back. With the coordinates typed into the GPS and getting visual from the CGC Sycamore who was already on scene, CG25759 was on scene within 20 minutes of the call. Upon arriving on scene, the 22 foot aluminum vessel was on the beach and the 02 pob were prepared with gumby suits on and their zodiak ready to go. (That’s how they roll here in AK!) While BM2 Vulysteke “stationkepted” the vessel, he and BM3 Johnson kept comms with Sector, the Station and the Sycamore. In the meantime, MK2 Messick and SN Goodwin had made their way across the water to help the vessel. After determining the boat was unabled to be towed back because of its high flooding rate, MK2 Messick and SN Goodwin were able to use the distressed mariner’s anchor line to tie off the boat from the stern and the bow to the trees to prevent the boat from being carried away at high tide. The crew was then able to bring the 02 pob safely back to the station.

As guardians of Prince William Sound, the teamwork between CG Station Valdez, Sector Anchorage and CGC Sycamore ensued fantastic results for the 02 pob aboard that distressed vessel. Thanks everyone!
*Picture provided by the CGC Sycamore*