>1200 miles and half-way home

>Here we are rapidly approaching the halfway point of our patrol. Although, this patrol has been of a longer duration than we are accustomed to, we are making the most of every day. The crew has not only continued to stand diligent watches around the clock, to meet mission requirements. We are also committed to conducting training each day. This will allow crewmembers to obtain qualifications in more positions and take on greater responsibilities. I for one will be working on small boat crewman training and boarding team member training, and just this morning we are qualifying two new surface rescue swimmers on the fantail. The CO also shared some of his knowledge with the crew and taught us how to tie a new knot. This patrol has been a great learning experience for the crew, and the invaluable training will continue. Even though this patrol has caused the crew to be away from their families for an extended period of time and over Valentines Day, I am confident that each crewmember has gained knowledge and experience that will help them fulfill mission requirements and as always be “Semper Paratus”

SN Josh Gilbert