>Greetings from Seattle!
After five days and over 1200 miles of steaming LONG ISLAND made it safely to Seattle. Our transit marked the first time since the ship was brought up to Valdez that she made it south of Ketchikan. Fortunately we were a few hours ahead of some treacherous seas as we left Prince William Sound and minus a couple of nights of bad sleep we are no worse for the wear.

On our first day in Seattle we transited the Lake Washington Ship Canal and had a unique opportunity to sail into fresh water and sight-see around the waterfront of Seattle. The initial shock of having more buildings than mountains, and more people than bears is finally starting to wear off and the crew is getting excited about heading out and starting our assignment in the San Juan Islands.

Hard work has been put into the boat during the months and weeks leading up to this patrol and the end result has really made her stand above the rest. The engineers committed a great deal of time in maintaining the engines, replacing fuel filter systems, and repainting the engine room with MK2 Fenton and MK3 Vesely leading the way. The deck crew, led by BM1 Tuohy, enhanced the exterior by installing new canvas covers while BM3 McClellan refinished our name boards back to their deep red mahogany color. The Operations Department put in many hours ensuring that such items as charts, tracklines, flags, and patrol orders were onboard so we can safely and effectively do our job while underway.

Other highlights thus far include outstanding shiphandling from BM1 Eric Best through the H.M. Chittenden Lock in Seattle, BM2 Matt Degnon’s ability to maneuver the ship through rough seas into a harbor for shelter, and EM1 “Alex” Alexandre’s commitment to making sure that every electrical piece of equipment works to its fullest, even if it means changing light bulbs in 35 knot winds with the rain blowing sideways!

Everyone onboard has an equally important story from our transit and there is no doubt that I am privileged to sail with a crew so skilled and committed. In future posts we’ll have pictures of our adventures and updates from every member of the crew. Until next time, stay safe!

LT John J. Christensen
Commanding Officer