>Come Monday,..it’ll be alright!

>That’s right, come next Monday, I’ll be headed back home to my beautiful, 36 week pregnant, wife Ashley to be with her during the last month of her pregnancy in snowy Valdez, AK(Thank You Skipper!!). It was a great trip getting down here and I’ve definitely enjoyed the warm weather but I can’t say I’m sad about leaving here early. It’s been pretty slow goin since we got here but we’re all having fun conserving water, not because we can’t make enough for the crew, but because we don’t have a big enough grey water tank to hold all of it once it’s used. We also have to let the yellow mellow and of course we can’t forget about our phone talking hours being reduced to a 3 hour block(this was of course after the picture in question below). But all in all it really ain’t that bad. I reckon it beats big seas and freezing weather. Well I’ll see you soon sweet heart, I love you and miss you!

(Soon to be a Daddy!)
Golf Mike Secondary Mozingo