>Evicting the Gremlins

>Well it has been a busy past few days for engineering department; first with a main diesel engine casualty then a generator casualty; leaving us one main engine and one gen. Gremlins from the 378′ we tied up to recently are suspected to be the culprits. We were redirected from our Bellingham port call to CG base Seattle to make repairs. As a result the Mt. Baker ski trip cancelled, which was a bummer for the skiers and riders on board (co, xo, & I.) Super bowl Sunday was spent on CGC Midgett, for a lucky few (bad day for the colts.) I will be joining the engineering crew on Midgett soon to spend a week learning as much as I can about life on a high endurance cutter. Also, I am #73 on the MK “A” school list and will be looking for orders to Yorktown, VA in the next few weeks.
With the cutter up and running again, we are back underway near the US/CAN border providing security for the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games. Go USA! Hope all’s well back on the home front in snowy Valdez or wherever home may be. Take care!
FN Alex Duncan