>LI Engineers: "We’ll keep the lights on"

>As the patrol starts to wind down our thoughts have begun to wander back up north to Valdez. Many making plans with the family or finalizing transfers. Others thinking of where to lay the first string of shrimp pots or where to find the perfect black bear. This has been a pretty fun patrol so far, getting to new and exciting places. We have enjoyed our port calls to Seattle, Bellingham and Victoria and especially getting to make new friends along the way. We have been running drills to keep up on our damage control techniques and also make the time pass. After a few casualties to the machinery a few weeks ago the engine room has running nicely keeping the lights on and the props turning. I think I could speak for everyone when saying we are looking forward to going home. From the engine room on the Long Island I want to say hi to my family in Westport, WA and to all my friends in Valdez. See you all soon.
MK2 Adam Fenton