>Richard Petty lives!

>At anchor again, getting different people from the Midgett each day, but it seems they are bringing more than just hunger and knowledge of a WHEC, they are bringing over person by person a nasty virus that seems to be bringing down the bridge people person by person. The outbreak occurred earlier this week and after an extensive sanitation of the ship we believed to have killed it, but once again, this morning 3 more people have contracted the bug. On a lighter note the crew has been getting along great! Our days are full of everything from making rounds of the engine room to boarding vessels passing by. We are like a Venus fly trap, laying in wait to spring on unsuspecting prey! Our 3516’s are getting the work out of their lives, and they are holding up and loving every minute of it. The crew has been getting qualified in fields that are not required for their basic duties. Because we are a optimally manned cutter, I am now the new cutter surface swimmer, deployed to recover people from the water. We are very excited about our next port call, Victoria Canada, eh! This for me will be the most exciting port call being as I have never been out side of the United States! So until next time, this is MK3 William P Vesely on board Cutter Long Island saying kick the tires and light the fires! Out!