Have you ever wondered how the mines in Alaska get the minerals out of the mountain or how they operate?
Yesterday I got a tour of the Greens Creek Mine and it was quite the experience. It’s really amazing how they strategically dissect the minerals out of the mountain then reinstall the unused portions back in the mine to fill in the holes. Greens Creek Mine primarily targets zinc but also take the lead, silver and gold as by-products. We actually got to witness the miners exploding a portion of the mine. That was quite the experience feeling the mountain shake all around you while you were in the mine. The miners remove all the rock materials together then crush them into dust and seperate them with chemicals, water and air. Note the attached pictures of the foamy grey materials in one of the machines. That is zinc floating on the bubbles. The miners live well when not at work, they have a full dinning facility with two person rooms that includes tv, phone, and internet when they are off the clock. Most miners work two weeks on and two weeks off or two weeks on and one week off. A couple of the pictures include entrance to the mine and a rock crusher. It has 4″ steel balls inside it to help break up the rocks. On the tractor picture make sure you don’t miss the Sector Commander behind the roll bars.
If you are you are interested in minerals and chemistry I recommend taking advantage of a mine tour opportunity.
MKCS Franklin
Sector Juneau
Command Senior Chief