>Sleepless in Seattle

>Well hello all family, friends, and shipmates, it is a fun patrol so far! I want to take this opportunity to tell Carrie, Killian, Ryiland and Sandy I miss you guys and love you lots! This trip is an excellent patrol, we have had few casualties on the equipment, far less then I had expected. The crew pulled together to help out and get them fixed fast, they did an outstanding job. The guys on board seem like they are having a good time, we have someone who is falling in love for the first time and doesn’t want to admit it, another two hit the casino and ended up becoming high rollers crusin’ in style, and a first timer at Cabalas living in a dream for an hour or so. The crew now has some good sea stories to share in the future. We have had a lot of training opportunities this patrol and we are taking full advantage of it. Everyone is getting excited that we are now about mid patrol and everything from this point on is down hill till we get home. This is my first ever blog post on something like this, so I will keep it short. Have fun as always and be safe!! See ya soon!

MKC Kennedy