>Doing Everything From Buoys to Boardings

>As the days grow longer here in Cordova and the fishermen begin to return, the crew of the SYCAMORE also begins to prepare for a busy summer. To maximize their usefulness, 225’ buoy tenders were built with the versatility to carry out the full range of the Coast Guard’s many missions. Along with our main responsibility of maintaining aids to navigation in Prince William Sound and the surrounding waters, we respond to oil spills, break ice, perform search and rescue operations, and conduct law enforcement boardings.

In anticipation of the busy summer fishing season, SYCAMORE’s crew is preparing and recertifying in their law enforcement qualifications. During a recent trip to Kodiak, the boarding team members and boarding officers shot pistols at the range to requalify as marksmen and sharpshooters. This week they are discussing the Coast Guard’s Use of Force policies and jurisdiction situations. Soon, our boarding teams will hit the water to ensure the safety of all mariners and compliance with all federal fisheries laws.

In the spirit of preparation, even the big guns are getting pulled out! Last Wednesday, our Weapons Officer, BM2 Brian Robshaw, refreshed both gun teams in .50 caliber machine gun operations and maintenance.

Everyone knows the Gulf of Alaska is a dangerous place year round. SYCAMORE is ready to respond if the need arises and looks forward to doing its part to keep our local community safe on the water this year.

Photo: BM2 Robshaw disassembles and explains all the parts of the ship’s heavy artillery.