>Leaving Oz


Our time in Washington is quickly coming to a close and within a handful of hours we’ll be northbound with the hammer down. If we had a set of ruby slippers we’d click them together and say “There’s no place like home.” But this is Alaska, not Oz, so as long as King Neptune and Davey Jones tame the seas, we’ll be home in about 4 days.

The last week of our patrol was exceptionally boring as strong winds kept “Joe Boater” in port and away from Vancouver. In an effort to break the monotony we spent a day on Jones Island to do some BBQ’ing, exploring, and hanging out around a campfire. Earlier in the week while we were in Victoria, BC, we had the honor of hosting the U.S. Ambassador to Canada and his wife. They were in town for a conference and to watch some of the Olympics. The visit marked his first time aboard a Coast Guard Cutter and he was very impressed with the ship and the fact that we endure extended periods of time in such as small space!

Pictures of the past week will be posted once we get them transferred over so continue to track the blog. We’ll see you all in a few days!
LT John J. Christensen
Commanding Officer